Online International Conference on " Problems of Psychology: New Perspectives, Considerations and Thoughts"

Dear colleagues!
We are pleased to invite you to the Online International Conference on " Problems of Psychology: New Perspectives, Considerations and Thoughts" to be held at the Western Caspian University, Azerbaijan on June 19-20, 2021.
The discussed subjects will be on psychological symptoms in hereditary diseases, new psychophysiological experimental results, achievements, ensuring of psychological practice legally, influencing to mankind and role in the development of the society of psychology and interdependence of other science fields etc.  
Opportunities will be given to young researchers to improve their scientific knowledge and gain experience. We invite you, staff, doctorial and master students of your institution to participate in the conference.

There will be presentations on the following topics in the conference:

The current state of general psychology;
Pathopsychology and clinical psychology:  problems of hereditary and CNS diseases;
New views onto the occurrence mechanisms of neurosis, autism, depression and neurodegenerative diseases;
Defectology: oligophrenia, speech therapy, surdopedagogy typhlopedagogy, amblyology etc.;
Research on the interaction of stress, emotional tension and excitement with the the cognitive processes and application of the obtained results;
Psychodiognostics and neuropharmacology;
Neurophysiology of training and modern solution for neuropsychological problems;
New experimental methods and results in psychophysiology;
Legal psychology;
Religion and ethnic psychology: the requirements of the era and multiculturalism;
Age psychology: Child and adolescent psychology; Gerontopsychology;
Family and household psychology;
Creativeness psychology;
Pedagogical psychology;
Methods of social-psychological assistance and prophylaxis in extreme conditions
Interaction of psychology with other sciences (sociology, psychiatry, neurology, etc.).

People who wish to participate in the conference must send their article written according to the following guidelines to:   

Guidelines for Authors:
Article may be written in any of these languages.Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian, English
Participation form: Speaker, listener   
Article formatting requirements: Times New Roman shrift on A4 format paper (2,0 cm on each side), 14 size (front size), 1,0 intervals, 2-4 sheets.
The name of the article should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS and centered on the document.
The author's name, surname, father’s name, scientific degree (if any), place of work or study, contact phone and e-mail address should be indicated.
Text of the article: introduction, methodology, results and discussion, keywords (not more than eight), graphical drawings, tables should be given between worksheets and text in Microsoft Word, the list of literature should be given in original language (on condition that is written first in Azerbaijani, then in Russian and English, and finally websites) with 5-8 references.  
The summaries should be written in two languages in addition to the language of the article and the abstract of the article including keywords should not exceed 200 characters.
Articles and a survey of information (It must be included in the application: author's surname, father's name, e-mail, work address, telephone number, the form of conference attendance (by distant or report), etc. special notes) about the author are accepted in this email. (   
Individuals who want to present a speech should submit their slide presentation a minimum of two weeks prior to the conference.  The speech must be 6-10 minutes in length.  The slide presentation file must be labeled as follows: (last name__ (first name)(Language of the article)(section of the conference in which it is to be presented).  For EXAMPLE:  Aliyev_adil_eng_7
No payment is required for the conference, a collection of articles and a certificate will be presented to the participants at the conference.
additional information about articles or the conference you may contact the organizers via, addresses or you may phone this number:  +994124927418  
Deadline for the submission of articles: June 18, 2021, 18.00