General Roles & Responsibilities of ORIC

  • Register and monitor all research activities in the institution.
  • Develop Research policies and priorities for the institution.
  • Fund raising for research activities.
  • Mobilize faculty, business community and industry for research commercialization.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities that energize and support the local and National economy.
  • Promoting multi-disciplinary research initiatives.
  • Facilitate campuses for organising National/International Conferences.
  • Organization of Seminars/Training Workshops for faculty, in research-related areas.
  • Facilitate participation of faculty in National/International Conferences, Seminars and Training Workshops.
  • Facilitate faculty for travel grants applications to HEC & other funding organizations.
  • Facilitate Faculty applications for research funding under HEC’s National Research Program for Universities (NRPU).
  • Support Faculty for publication of their research work.
  • Process reimbursement of publication costs as per the College Policy.
  • Develop National and International networking of research activities.