Chairperson Responsibilities




  • Supervise overall administration of the Office (ORIC).
  • Supervision of all the activities of the ORIC in coordination with the Co-Chairperson and Director of ORIC.
  • Will call meetings of the ORIC Council and its sub-committees in coordination with the Director of ORIC.
  • Oversee all the communication with CMH Lahore Medical College and IOD Principal/CE Secretariat.
  • Oversee all the communication outside the CMH LMC & IOD through Principal/CE Secretariat.
  • Chair the meetings of ORIC Council.
  • Look after the financial matters related to ORIC in coordination with the Director ORIC and Co-Chairperson of ORIC.


  • Will have a designated office.
  • Will have allocated access to resources such as clerical and IT assistance.
  • Will be provided with weekly time slots for ORIC-related work.



Effective planning and smooth conduct of ORIC meetings. Steer members to work harmoniously and purposefully as a team.

Before the Meeting

  1. Plan the agenda with the Director. Decide to include items brought by the other members. Plan the order and timing of the agenda, and who will introduce each item.
  2. Identify which agenda items are for information, discussion or decision.
  3. Be well briefed about each item, and actions taken since the last meeting.

During the Meeting


  1. Call the meeting to order. Make any necessary introductions.
  2. Note any apologies or absence.
  3. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.
  4. Ensure recording of any changes if approved.
  5. Announce any Conflicts of Interest on the items on the agenda.
  6. Set the prospect for each item.


  1. Maintain the discipline.  Set out any time limits.
  2. Allow freedom of expression.
  3. Keep discussion to the agenda.
  4. Ensure time is used effectively.
  5. Ensure that minutes are taken appropriately.


  1. Ensure participation from all the members.
  2. Ensure input from all the members relevant to the item being discussed.


  1. Ensure everyone comprehends the item being discussed.
  2. Ensure that all the decisions are recorded correctly, and assign who is going to take action on the decisions.

At the End of the Meeting

  1. Summarize the decisions taken with the Director ORIC and the Meeting Secretary.
  2. Discuss the possible date and time for the next meeting.
  3. Ensure that the minutes are written up timely, checked, signed and sent out in good time.

After the Meeting

Oversee that the minutes are written up timely, checked, and signed within a week.