Chairperson Message

Message from Chairperson L-ORIC

Brig (R) Dr. Muhammad Arif Mehmood


Offices of Research, Innovation & Commercialization are an initiative of the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan aimed at motivating and facilitating the Higher Education institutions to make research their top priority for sustainable economic growth and future knowledge economy.

CMH Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry being one of the premier Health Sciences education, patient care and research institutions in Pakistan took the initiative to establish a Local Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (L-ORIC) to serve as a pivotal office, in co-ordinating all research activities from development of research proposals, to commercialization of all products under a single umbrella.

The L-ORIC at CMH LMC & IoD provides strategic and operational support to the research activities of the institution and facilitates the outcomes of researches focusing on turning knowledge into innovation for the welfare of the community.

The L-ORIC encourages development of a culture of research innovations and commercialization by providing strategic and academic support to researchers and facilitating internal and external research, financial and commercialization linkages.

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