Research Proposal Registration

Research Proposals Registration Protocol:

  1. It is mandatory to register your research projects with ORIC before proceeding with your research work.
  2. The submitted research proposals will be routed to Institutional Review Board (IRB) by ORIC.
  3. Research proposal should be written as per the ORIC research proposal template. Soft and hard copies can be downloaded from ORIC page on college website or obtained from ORIC Office, Room 278, on 1st Floor.
  4. The final decision regarding successful registration and issuance of ethical approval/rejection will be disseminated to the applicant/supervisor within 60 days of submission of research proposal.
  5. Research proposal to be considered for review during monthly IRB meeting should be submitted on/before first Wednesday of every month. Proposal submitted afterwards, will be considered in next month’s meeting.
  6. In cases of students’ applicants, a faculty member’s written consent to supervise the students’ research project with signatures must be submitted with the research proposal. Furthermore, ethical approval letter will be issued to the supervisor only.
  7. All the research projects currently underway but not registered with ORIC, please get the projects registered with ORIC.
  8. The purpose of the above protocol is to organize research activities in our institution, and provide support to the researchers in their projects, and publication of their work in National and International peer-reviewed journals.
  9. Please contact Lt. Col (R) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhry, Prof & HOD, Department of Community Medicine, for any queries regarding issuance of IRB certificate. Intercom Phone Ext. 455.
  10. Please contact Dr. Sehrish Zaffar, Department of Pharmacology, 1st Floor, Room 223, Intercom Phone Ext. 468, for any information/assistance from ORIC.