Research Proposal Template



Please provide your research proposal in soft copy form (word) according to the provided template at the following E-Mail: 

Title Page:

Title page should be submitted as a separate file. Main body of the proposal should not contain names of researchers.

    • Title of your proposal
    • Names of the principal investigator (PI) and co-investigators along with their qualifications and institutional affiliations.
    • In case the PI is a student, name, signature and statement of a faculty member’s acceptance as supervisor should be provided.
    • Complete contacts (address, mobile number and email) of the PI have to be provided.
  1. Abstract: A concise summary of the proposal. An abstract will be one paragraph that includes; the overall purpose of the study, the basic design of the study, and possible utilization of the results.
  2. Introduction: Short background of the gap in the literature/knowledge that you intend to fill. Scope and justification of the study.
  3. Objective(s) of the Study: A statement of the objectives. The objective(s) should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound).
  4. Methodology
      • Study design
      • Study settings (place of study, duration of study)
      • Target population (from which the sample is to be drawn)
      • Sample selection criteria (inclusion and exclusion)
      • Sampling technique (e.g. simple randomization, convenience sample, stratified random etc.)
      • Sample size calculation. State the software/formula and measures used to calculate sample size.
      • Data collection method (how the researcher will collect the data, tool(s) used, validity and reliability of the research tool(s).
  5. Statistical analysis: (software used for data handling and analysis, statistical tests that will be used for each objective)
  6. Ethical considerations:  (potential risk and benefits to the participants, written informed consent procedure, how the data/samples will be handled to ensure anonymity and confidentiality, storage and labelling of samples, sample destruction post-study where applicable). "Include a copy of obtaining written consent for your research project".
  7. Use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in scientific writing: before the References list. The statement should be placed in a new section heading called Declaration on the use of Generative AI and assisted technologies in the writing process. Please refer to the guidelines “Use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in scientific writing” on ORIC website

             Link:  technologies-in-scientific-writing

  1.   (Vancouver Style). Be persistent in the format both for citation in the text and reference list. 
  2. References:  (Vancouver Style). Be persistent in the format both for citation in the text and reference list. 
  3. Appendices: (provide only soft copies of your data entry Forms questionnaire in case of a questionnaire study). In case of a multi-center study, provide written agreement of the other institutions involved.

Only those research proposals will be forwarded for review that are written according to the above mentioned “Research Proposal Template” OR according to the CPSP guidelines for FCPS students’ research proposals.


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