Publications Record-2021

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Effect of Justicia adhatoda (Malabar nut) leaf extract on drug-induced coagulopathy in mice and in-vitro platelet aggregation of human blood.

Zaffar S, Malik M, Rehan AM, Rashid N, Chiragh S, Zaman K.

J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad

Feb 2021


Assessment of Medical Education Environment by Teachers in Pakistani Medical School.

Kamran R, Sattar A, Bari A, Rashid H, Ijaz F, Zaffar S, Amin B, Aftab RK.

Adv. Biores.

Jan 2021

       3.  Undergraduate Medical Students’ perception towards assessment environment at CMH, Lahore Medical College, Pakistan. Kamran R, Rashid H, Bari A, Mushtaq S, Tufail S, Zaffar S, Amin B, Ijaz F, Aftab RK.

Adv. Biores.

Jan 2021


Antibiotic self-medication among 2nd year MBBS students of CMH Lahore Medical College.

Rashid N, Siddique W, Zaffar S, Amer L, Kamal I, Abbasi S. Pak J Med Health Sci Mar 2021
       5. Frequency of ABO Blood Groups and its Relationship with Body Mass Index in Students of a Medical College in Lahore. Khan QU, Zaffar S, Zia MR, Aftab M, Nadeem N, Hafeez F, Khan WI, Rashid H, Naveed AK. Pak J Med Health Sci Mar 2021
       6. Antioxidant Activity and Pharmacological Benefits of Punica Granatum: A Review  Bilal R WJPR  Feb 2021