L-ORIC Research Impact Fund SOPs


Proposal submission:



  1. The RIF proposals will be submitted to Mr. Mudassar Room 278, 1st Floor. Phone Ext. 396 in hard and soft copy at the following email address:        (Submission Deadline: 25th January for first round and 30th June for second round)


  1. Submission of only completed application with required documents mentioned at the end of application form.
  2. Completed applications will be forwarded for technical evaluation to RIF technical assessment committee.

Technical Assessment Committee (TAC):


  1. RIF technical assessment committee members are as follows:


  1. Prof Dr Rizwana Kichlew- Chairperson
  2. Prof Dr Col. Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhary
  3. Prof Dr Ambreen Tauseef
  4. Dr Wajida Perveen
  5. Prof Dr Saira Atif
  6. Prof Dr Rabiea Bilal


Quorum of 4 members is mandatory to review & give recommendations on the submitted RIF Application.


  1. After technical assessment, only short listed applicants will be called for presentation of their research proposals to the TAC committee.
  2. Decision about final two awardees and initial decision about programmed release of funding will be undertaken by the TAC members.

Project Assessment Committee (PAC):

  1. Three members from the TAC with at least one member of the relevant discipline of project will constitute a “Project Assessment Committee (PAC)”. This committee will give suggestions for further improvement of the project and has the power to withdraw funding, if found unsuitable to proceed. The committee will also follow the project progress and ensure the release of funds accordingly.
  2. In case the applicant is a member of Technical Assessment Committee, he/she will withdraw from the committee position for that round of applications.


Release of funds:


It will be in 3 stages, as follows:


  1. 30% of the principal amount will be released immediately after approval of the project.
  2. 1st review of the project will be after 3 months of first funding, if the progress is satisfactory and the adjustments against the funds of first installment are submitted to the Chairperson RIF then next 30% (summing up to 60% of entire fund) will be released. On case to case basis, if the researcher needs the remaining 60% after first review, it may be released after approval of the competent college authorities. In case the progress is unsatisfactory, the case will be discussed with the college higher authorities and any decision taken by them will be considered as final.
  3. Second review will be after six months of first funding. In case of satisfactory progress and submission of adjustments against the previous installments to the chairperson RIF, remaining 40% funding (summing up to 100% of the entire fund) will be released otherwise the case will be taken to the higher authorities for further discussion & final decision.
  4. Progress of the project will be reviewed after every 3 months starting from release of first installment till the completion of project by PAC. The researcher will share the progress of project in written, after every three months of release of funds to the chairperson of RIF committee.
  5. In case further funding is required, the members of PAC will forward the written request of researcher to members of technical committee who will present the case to the college higher authorities for further discussion & final decision.


Grievances processing:

The researcher may submit his/her grievances in writing to the chairperson of Technical Assessment Committee within one week of the decision. The committee will address the issue within 2 weeks and communicate the final decision to the appellant in writing.