Research Team


Dr Sehrish Zaffar


Prof. Dr. Ansa Rabia

Prof.Dr. Saira Atif

Role of Research Domain:

  • Registration of all the research projects/activities with ORIC.
  • Evaluation of the submitted research proposals, in liaison with the Institutional Review Board, to ensure the feasibility, validity and scientific quality of the proposal.
  • Seek opinion of the field specialists if and when required, with special emphasis on scientific quality of the Methodology of the proposal.
  • Receive and process “publication fee reimbursement” applications, according to the college reimbursement policy.
  • Play pivotal role in organization of research-related workshops/seminars by the ORIC.
  • Provide support when needed to other two domains of ORIC namely, Innovation and Commercialization.
  • Support web-page of the ORIC especially ensuring that the research-related information such as research projects and publication list remains updated on the webpage.