SOPs for Research Award

SOPs for

Award for Excellence in Research


Objective: To recognize the contribution and future potential of researchers through their research publications.


1. Names of research awards:


Commander 4 Corps Award for Excellence in Research for students.

  • Category 1: Highest Impact Factor
  • Category 2: Highest number of publications
  • Commander 4 Corps Award for Excellence in Research for faculty.
  • Category 1: Highest Impact Factor
  • Category 2: Highest number of publications


2. Nature of awards for students & faculty (both categories):

Certificate of appreciation with shield for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awardees

3. Eligibility Criteria:


1. Article must be PUBLISHED in HEC recognized journal, accessible through Web of Science, HJRS, SCOPUS or PubMed.

2. Published article must be from anytime between 1st Jan to 31st December (both days inclusive).

3. Submissions of articles with this google form must be before the deadline of 20th January.

4. Impact factor is calculated according to last updated JCR list.

5.  Applicant author MUST bear affiliation with CMH LMC & IOD, NUMS in each published article being submitted.


Please fill in a new form every time, if number of articles to be uploaded are more than one. 


4. Award criteria: Available on ORIC page in sub-menu Research Day 2023, on CMH LMC & IOD website.




SOPs for selection of awardees

A call for “Best Researcher Award” is sent to all faculty members & students of CMH LMC & IOD at the beginning of new year through Campus Management System. An application is designed on google forms to be filled and submitted by 20th January. Applicants are instructed to attach only those publications with the form that are HEC recognized and clearly bear affiliation with CMH LMC & IOD, NUMS.

The collected responses undergo the following process of a transparent & rigorous screening for the selection of awardees.

1. Phase I (Collection &Technical short listing for awardees):

Responsibility: Librarian


  1. Publications of last 1 year (1st Jan to 31st Dec)
  2. Publications in HEC recognized journals (available on WoS, HJRS, SCOPUS & PubMed)

Timeline: Four weeks after collection of responses (End of 4th week of February), tentatively.


2. Phase II (Selection of awardees):

Responsibility: Research Award Committee (As notified in point 9 of Minutes of 23rd L-ORIC Meeting dated 4th Oct., 2021)


  1. Impact factor mentioned in last updated JCR list.
  2. Number of publications.
  3. Weightage on basis of HEC categorized W, X or Y category journal.
  4. Position of authorship in publication.

(A rubric with marks allocated for each of the above categories is attached herewith)

Timeline: Three weeks after collection of Phase I (End of 3rd week of March i.e 24th March, tentatively.



3. Phase III (Application time period for grievances):

Calculated scores (according to the rubric) are displayed by the members of Research Award Committee in the presence of all applicants.

Timeline: Two-weeks time after display of lists to apply for any grievances. (1st week of April), tentatively.


4. Phase IV (Addressing the grievances):

The Research Award Committee takes one week to respond to the grievances and displays the final list then (As notified in point 6 of Minutes of 27th L-ORIC committee meeting dated 25th Feb., 2022). One week after Phase III (End of second  week of April), tentatively.


5. Phase V (Appellant committee):

The applicants can send an appeal within 3 days of final display of lists to the appellant committee for review (Appellant committee members include: CE CMH LMC & IOD, VP Academics & Director L-ORIC).

Timeline: The appellant committee will send its decision within one weeks. (Fourth week of April/1st week of May, tentatively. 


A RESEARCH DAY will be celebrated after final selection of awardees according to the availability of His Excellency Commander 4 Corps. (second week of May to End of May/Anytime before summer break)

Activities of research day:

  1. Poster presentations of abstracts of all researchers (CMH LMC & IOD and other institutes).
  2. L-ORIC report presentation for the last year.
  3. Award distribution to the best researchers (1st, 2nd & 3rd places separate for faculty & students).
  4. Award distribution to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place posters (combined for faculty, students and participants from other institutes).