Innovation Team



Prof. Dr. Hina Zafar


Prof. Dr. Rabiea Bilal

Dr. Rizwana Kamran

Dr. Shakeela Haseeb

Role of Innovation Domain: 

Innovation includes two sub domains i.e. Academic domain and Patent/Industrial domain.

 Academic domain: It introduces/facilitates regular workshops, symposium, courses and conferences to improve research/educational practices and inspire innovation.  

Patents/ Industrial domain:

1. This domain will facilitate the patent filing within the country and abroad.

2.  Innovation domains of ORIC develops an Institutional Intellectual portfolio (IIP) representing the institutional, faculty and student’s contribution in the field.

3.  Innovation domain builds up Intellectual Portfolio awareness by conducting information sessions for students, faculty and staff.

4. Innovation domain collaborates with the Technology and Innovation Support Centre of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, to project institutional research and development to a global level.